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Canadian Melancholy... how I thought of the chubbier part of the Biennale de Montreal that I saw in mid-May. (The show is suburbanized, and I'm on foot here.) It was a long weekend, being Victoria Day on Monday. Sigh. The city is deserted. It would look rather like Surrealist Paris if all those lovely statues in the square with their beaux arts nymphs and goddesses hadn't been spoiled by being topped by a stuffy looking man in a suit. It's like putting a turd on an ice cream Sunday. At least the seagulls are shitting on the King's head...


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What a sad and disgusting story.
But quiet some food for thought.
Very curious about opinions here!

NYT article

Feedback in Spain

The Feedback show at(Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial | Documento legal La Universidad Laboral s/n - 33394 Gijón [Asturias] - España) is one of the more interesting curatorial efforts at integrating New Media art into the art discourse. What I really like is that it also uses the advances in digital media to highlight established artists such as Sol LeWitt or Robert Rauschenberg. Christiane Paul wrote a terrific essay for the catalog. I've reprinted it below. -gh


"Mudman: The Odyssey of Kim Jones" receives national praise

Mudman: The Odyssey of Kim Jones, edited by Sandra Q. Firmin and Julie Joyce (MIT): The book has received national praise.Mudman: The Odyssey of Kim Jones, edited by Sandra Q. Firmin and Julie Joyce (MIT): The book has received national praise.The book "Mudman: The Odyssey of Kim Jones" (MIT University Press, 2007), a monograph edited by Sandra Q. Firmin, curator with the University at Buffalo Art Gallery, and Julie Joyce, director of Luckman Art Gallery, California State University at Los Angeles, is receiving national praise. The book was written to accompany Jones's first retrospective exhibition, "Kim Jones: A Retrospective," which originated at the UB Art Gallery last October and is now on view at the Luckman Gallery through May 19.

Together in Death, with Curry

I arrive at the Zwirner Gallery’s double show of Rirkrit Tiravanija and Gordon Matta-Clark, rolling my bicycle up to the front of the kitchen and locking it before the window-like openings. I enter the dumpster with the maze built inside it. With its back panel open, the dumpster is the major opening of the double installation to the street.

Hello Korea #6

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cute art chique design tag piracy. Who sez China's the only bad guy?

Reviewing the Future: Vision, Innovation, Emergence:

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This is my report on my School of Visual Arts sponsored participation in the international conference on new media: “Reviewing the Future: Vision, Innovation, Emergence: The First Summit Meeting of the Planetary Collegium” which took in Montreal, Canada from the 19th – 22nd of April 2007. The conference was hosted by the CIAM (Centre Interuniversitaire des Arts Médiatiques) and by Hexagram. Both organizations acted as partial sponsors. Activities mainly took place at le "C∫ur des Sciences", the new scientific complex at University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).

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