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The Ballona Theory Project : speculative urban architecture at Ballona Wetlands, Los Angeles

The Ballona Theory Project is a design theory project initiated and advanced by Terry Hargrave in collaboration with media artist Christina McPhee and a group of students in third year undergraduate architectural design studio at California Polytechnic in the winter quarter 2007.
model/mikaela spielman/ballona theory project/ hargrave+mcphee studio 2007: ballona theory project 2007model/mikaela spielman/ballona theory project/ hargrave+mcphee studio 2007: ballona theory project 2007

Joseph Kosuth Pricelist 1993-94 Faux Conceptual Art

This work is a giant Xerox of the price list for Joseph Kosuth’s show at Leo Castelli Gallery in 1993. It’s a bit of an anthropological artifact. Leo Castelli is dead and the gallery is no longer open.

The work functions as a perfect market indicator. It strips the art down to it’s most basic which is a brand name (Joseph Kosuth) the description of the work, and its' price. Kosuth himself titled the series, the Thing-in-itself is found in its Truth through the loss of its immediacy I, II, III, IV, etc…

Fibonacci Series with Calculators - 1994

The piece is a system or a procedure or a set of instructions. The instructions are to draw a spiral on a board. Using four cheap calculators, create the Fibonacci series. Write the numbers on the spiral as you go along. When the calculators can no longer calculate the numbers the piece is finished. It’s a closed system that is somewhat like the logical abstraction for a computer program, a set of instructions that is executed.

artstream: Holger Mohaupt


You can't take too little, but you can take too much.
Online as part of artstream.

Through sound, photography and moving image, Holger Mohaupt explores perceptions of Jamaican culture, based on the recipes of a local cook.

The work is part of a collaboration between Graham Fagen and Holger Mohaupt. Both artists went to Jamaica to make new pieces of work: Graham Fagen for an exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow to commemorate the abolition of slavery 200 years ago; and Holger Mohaupt to make a piece of work exploring the manifestations of current culture in Jamaica.

he Resistance Studies Network

Abstract: Understanding "Digital Resistance" (ESA Conference 3-6 Sept

Our paper explore the state of a specific method of resistance: ICT
based collective resistance ("digital resistance") and in particular
the maturity and description of digital resistance. Of particular
interest to this study is the role of technological infrastructure in
forming the content and form of acts of resistance.

love potion from glorious ninth


love_potionlove_potionJoin our invisible network of tactical gardeners by preparing your own love_potion made from borage, an herb that reputedly drives away sorrow, uplifts the spirits and when shared with others nurtures compassion and peace. Follow the potion recipe, find out how to grow your own borage, download the glorious ninth sound and visuals (or make your own) and put together a love_potion DIY installation.

_Utilizing P[os]T[raumatic] S[(ad)hock]:Hell-Reve[r]sioned_

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_dis[ap]posable_: sh[hh!]>new>clinical>disorders

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_in.fin[.ne]g[a(te.)ns.w(kr)ak]e(n).r-t[R]IP trailings
_assemblage. c[lutter.r|b]oughs+[sp]utterings

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_wa[o|]nder. lust. in.razor.wired.shelvings.
_sitting. in.glu[o|a]mness.

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