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Art Basel Miami

Art Video Lounge Art Basel MiamiArt Video Lounge Art Basel Miami
[PAM] is very proud to announce that the project has been chosen along with 17 featured video artists at Art Basel Miami Beach 2006.

«Art Video Lounge»: A new way to look at video art
curated by Michael Rush of the Rose Art Museum

The Art Video Lounge offers an extensive overview of video art. «Art Video Lounge» is open daily (December 6 to December 10) from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

This month... let's talk!! art + games + video at the digital age

This from Isabel Arvers news letter:

Conference In Brussels + presentation & screening of a documentary about art & games : "8bit: the movie" by Martin Ramocki.
Art + Game: performances, exhibit and talks of Jodi, Angelo Vermeulen & Louis Blackburn, //////////fur///, Toshio Iwai, Julian Oliver, Walter Langelaar, Xavier Lardy, Régine Debatty (we-make-money-not-art), DMG Plantlife, _djèz_, M-.-N,...

Le 3 décembre, j'introduirai le documentaire "8bit: the movie" de Martin Ramocki par une présentation sur la relation art et jeux vidéo dans le cadre de l'événement Art + Game qui réunira Jodi, Angelo Vermeulen & Louis Blackburn, //////////fur///, Toshio Iwai, Julian Oliver, Walter Langelaar, Xavier Lardy, Régine Debatty (we-make-money-not-art), DMG Plantlife, _djèz_, M-.-N,...

More infos on:

Exploded/ Expanded/ Cinema/ Video/

In 1969 Gene Youngblood wrote a book called expanded cinema. The cinematic experience has influenced all our lives. The meta-narrative of film has become our collective mythos. The components of film, their parts and the manner in which meaning is constructed shape the way we perceive the world. Video, is an extension of cinema as a communication medium. Digital video has staked out it’s own hybrid area that has it’s own rules.

Post your ideas and comment in the new forum that has just opened up.

Vomitorium with AgitProp

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For those of you in Chicago the Saturday after
Thanksgiving, a Special
ONE DAY ONLY exhibit:

Vomitorium with AgitProp
Curated by Philip von Zweck
November 25th 11-6, 7-12am for more info

Sewing Rebellion

Sunday, November 19, 2006
Join the Sewing rebellion! Take a stand against the fashion machine and emancipate yourself by learning how to sew. Frau Fiber, artist, activist and former textile worker invites you to join in the sewing rebellion! Learn sewing tricks of the trade, so you won’t have to labor confused and frustrated at your sewing machines any longer. Create your own fashion statement beyond the boundaries of designer labels. Revolt against the globalization of the fashion industry by producing garments unique to your taste and body shape.

Trauma, Performance and Documentation

Open Discussion

“Disaster images become pornography almost by default, anyway there’s no “honest” way to approach the place of trauma without being implicated in it somehow. This feeling of being implicated in the disaster and its’ aftermath has to do with the appearance of the diagram. The strange thing is that the diagram rears its’ strange head in a field it’s not supposed to be in, the predictable graphic software space. In an awareness that is already assuming (consuming) everything as an apparition or phantom effect; the pictorial sensational catastrophe is overridden, overwritten by something else, or something less.” – Christina McPhee

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Call for Video or Audio

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Tam Tam Digifestival sponsors IPSE DIGIT, a competition reserved to digital audio-video productions.
If you have realized only by digital a videoclip, an Internet documentary, a mobile movie or a newsreel reportage, please send your work to: Coop. Tam Tam, Via Ugo Niutta 33, 80128 Napoli / Naples - Italy.

locus sonus workshop in France


Subject: [locusonews] SYMPOSIUM Locus Sonus / 15&16 nov / Aix en Provence
Date: November 10, 2006 7:30:10 AM EST



Symposium Audio Sites
LOCUS SONUS audio in art

du 15 au 16 novembre 2006

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