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overload some servers here - French CSIRT Response to VR Sit-In


Hola Gregory,

b.a.n.g lab is hosting a VR Sit-In (NOT A DOS - a DOS works/a VR Sit-In is symbolic and does not work) on the French Prime Minister's sites in solidarity with the Univesity Students, Unions and large segment of French Civil Society.

This project was intiated by my border hacklab group as a way to understand the methods and history of Electronic Civil Disobedience that I have been developing as a practice since the mid-80's.




St. Patrick's Day 2006


"Where all your rights have become only an accumulated wrong, where men must beg with bated breath for leave to subsist in their own land, to think their own thoughts, to sing their own songs, to gather the fruits of their own labors, and, even while they beg, to see things inexorably withdrawn from them – then, surely, it is a braver, a saner and a truer thing to be a rebel, in act and deed, against such circumstances as these, than to tamely accept it, as the natural lot of men." - Roger Casement, Irishman, (1864-1916).

Virtual Sit-In in Solidarity with the Striking Students of France!


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Virtual Sit-In in Solidarity with the Striking Students of France!
March 16th to the 18th, 2006

We invite people from all over the world who support the french students in resistance and oppose the precaritization of life to join the Electronic Disturbance Theatre and borderlands Hacklab on March 16th and 17th, 2006 to engage in a virtual sit-in on french government websites to demand

Interview with Jennifer and Kevin McCoy from ArtInfo


McCoy 2006

The AI Interview: Jennifer and Kevin McCoy
by Robert Ayers

The husband-and-wife team of Jennifer and Kevin McCoy are among the more exciting young artists to have emerged in the area of electronic arts in the last couple of decades. Their latest exhibition, “Directed Dreaming,” opened at Postmasters Gallery in New York on March 4.

An Algorithm for art


Here's my algorithm for art.

Let's say that you've graduated from art school. You decide
to make something or do something. Let's call this something
S. You use all the techniques (T) that you've learned in art
school to make/do S. You then show this to a friend. Your
friend doesn't recognize [EQUIV] it as art A even though
you've used all the techniques (T) and procedures [FUNC]
you've learned in art school. You know that S is art. You now

The Broadcast Cart, live at the Armory!


Ricardo Miranda, is touring the Armory with his Broadcast Cart.

Tune in Sunday Mar 12 from 3-6pm @

Public Broadcast Cart is a shopping cart outfitted with a dynamic microphone, a mixer, an amplifier, six speakers, a miniFM transmitter and a laptop with a wireless card. The audio captured by the microphone on the cart is fed through the mixer to three different broadcast sources. The mixer simultaneiously feeds the audio:

Bill Dolson's "Rift" at Eyebeam

Rift - an installation by Bill Dolson

Mar. 7-21, dusk to 10pm
Reception Thursday March 16th from 6-8pm
540 W. 21st Street (between 10th & 11th Aves) NYC

Latin American Integration by Noam Chomsky and Bernie Dwyer


Radio Havana Cuba Interview

07, 2006

Bernie Dwyer: I am reminded of a great Irish song called "The West's Awake" written by Thomas Davis in remembrance of the Fenian Uprisingof 1798. It is about the west of Ireland asleep under British rule for hundreds of years and how it awoke from its slumbers and rose up against the oppressor. Could we begin to hope now that the South is awake?

Noam Chomsky: What's happening is something completely new in the history of the hemisphere. Since the Spanish conquest the countries of Latin America have been pretty much separated from one another and oriented toward the imperial power. There are also very sharp splits between the tiny wealthy elite and the huge suffering population. The elites sent their capital; took their trips; had their second homes; sent their children to study in whatever European country their country was closely connected with. [commas better than semi-colons in the preceding sentence.] I mean, even their transportation systems were oriented toward the outside for export of resources and so on.

Christoph Spehr Screening


Friday, March 10 at 8 pm
The Thing Swing Space
125 Maiden Lane, 10th Floor
New York, NY
(two blocks south of Fulton between Water and Pearl. Subway: 6 to Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall; A,C,J,M,Z and 2,3,4,5 to Fulton, Broadway, Nassau)

On Rules and Monsters
Free Cooperation: Political Theory for Godzilla & Co.

Video Screening and Discussion (with Christoph Spehr in person!)
Introduction: Trebor Scholz

Why the hell does every monster want to go to Tokyo and stamp on it? Why do we feel sorry if the monster gets shot at the end? Why does it always return? These and other questions that are highly relevant to every first grade or post-doc monster are dealt with in the video “On Rules and Monsters - An Introduction to Free Cooperation”. German political theorist, cultural critic and video maker Christoph Spehr presents his video, with Tony Conrad and Stephanie Rothenberg starring as speakers and appearances by Godzilla, Gwangi, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and many more, along with his new video “Hold On, Wilson - Of Islands and Utopia”.

Free Entrance, bring a photo ID

Presented by THE THING in collaboration with the Institute for
Distributed Creativity.

THE THING Swing Space is generously provided by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Time Equities Inc.