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The Art of Whistling - DJ Papa


DJ Papa is an artist and DJ from Germany. He has been throwing parties in Duesseldorf over the last decade and most recently at Elektra in Cologne. His unmistakable style and adherence to a given theme makes his mix so
outstanding. Whistle....


Nerve Theory's H5N1 Series

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Kunstradio, a radio art program of the ORF, Austria's national broadcaster, is featuring a weekly series of radio miniatures by Nerve Theory throughout 2006.

The series is called "H5N1: there is no privacy at the speed of light." Nerve Theory is the corporate identity of Bernhard Loibner and Tom Sherman.

Nerve Theory's latest work focuses on the bird flu virus, H5N1, and the hysteria surrounding the inevitable global influenza pandemic. Loibner and Sherman use the idea of the evolving, mutating H5N1 virus as a launching pad for a series of scary, strangely funny statements about the world we live in. Imagine a world where artists write and deliver the news. Loibner and Sherman are not scientists, but they are experts in observing and describing media viruses and a delivering broad spectrum of living, evolving ideas.

Maquila Violence in Mexico - Dispatch from Mexico's Internal Border


The Other Campaign at Mexico's Internal Border

March, 2006
John Gibler

On February 14, the day sub-comandante Marcos arrived in the city of Puebla as part of his six-month journey across the country to listen to the voices of the underdogs of the Mexican left, the national newspaper La Jornada carried on its front page the most convincing advertisement for the Zapatistas' Other Campaign to appear in print.

Podcast: Radio Noodles Revisits Backspace


London based experimental media centre 'Backspace' opened in 1996. Through its provision of web services for locals and enthusiasts it became a place frequented by artists and those wanting to experiment with the emerging internet technology. It closed in late December 1999 and is now a Starbucks coffee shop.

As part of Node-London a 'reanimating' of Backspace took place at the Starbucks on Sunday 5th March 2006.

Via Mute:

Assembled Cinema at IFC



I just put this piece up on the IFC channel. It's rough footage for a larger installation work called Assembled Cinema. Actually they vetted the piece and put it up so now there is a voting process. I'm pretty excited about this piece. If you get a chance to vote on it please do.

Civilization stands on a precipice. A series of disasters can unravel the built-up infrastructure of a country. This is the way empires fall. Water supplies dry up and cities are abandoned. Storms and earthquakes destroy food supplies and roads. Disasters are always about disruption of normal routines. Think of an anthill. The ants are busy bringing food back to the nest. You come along and destroy the hill with your foot. The ants now have to shift into emergency response to get back to normal. What had taken them a certain amount of time to build is ruined in a moment. If this happens enough times the ant colony becomes unsustainable and is abandoned. It’s every ant for himself.

Mobile Studios Hits the Road


Mobile Studio

Mobile Studios – A nomadic multimedia platform hits the road

From April to May 2006 the Mobile Studios travel as a nomadic multimedia platform from Belgrade to Bratislava, Budapest and Sofia, and will temporarily possess the urban spaces in these cities. With today`s opening in Belgrade, this production laboratory for young artists, performers and cultural programmers starts its adventurous journey across Southeastern Europe and the Balkans.

The4thScreen: Call for Entries


The4thScreen: a global festival of art & innovation for mobile phones launches today with a call for works.

The4thScreen festival is the first event of it's kind to focus on the mobile phone as an emerging social, cultural and technological phenomenon.

The festival was conceived by Tamas Banovich, curator and co-director of Postmasters Projects and Postmasters Gallery, to bring together artists, technologist and other creative thinkers from all over the world working with mobile phone technologies.

Web 2.0: A Pattern Library


Long and informative article from Wired's Webmonkey about what's coming up and what's just the same old BS.

A selection:

Internet Hype

Hype has very few positive uses and tends to cloud arguments and fool people. Avoid internet hype if you can. If it helps you get investment for your startup, all the power to you.

What it is
Because the internet still has the potential to revolutionize industries, and because winners tend to grow exponentially big, every stage of the internet since the Mosaic browser launch has been filled with hyperbole and hype. Plus, Silicon Valley venture capitalists make a living by burning other people's money, and this creates hot air. We have seen several waves of internet hype before (do VRML or "The Long Boom" ring a bell?) Web 2.0 just is the latest example.

modernism redux



In case you are wondering about the next Documenta theme I've been on the Empyre list doing the intellectual equivalent of Curly from the Three Stooges doing the early floor spin (pre hip-hop) without going anywhere.

Bringing Street Protest to Cyberspace In Manila


by Manila Indymedia

A group of online activists offered an alternative space to protest after the Government violently prohibited the streets and freedom parks to exercise
public assembly and practice freedom of speech. The online activists calling themselves BrigadaElektronica electronic disturbance group organized an “electronic sit-in”- bringing street protest actions on cyberspace.

The electronic disturbance group is once again announcing their second electronic sit-in campaign, targeting the Malakanyang website, PNP and Office of the President.