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Nin Brudermann Investigates (with Arfus Greenwood)


We met early afternoon at her Williamsburg loft, overlooking the East River. I had promised to show Nin how to transform her recipe for crepes into pancakes. We proceeded by way of exact measure. The results were questionable. The space between Kent Avenue and the river was remarkably quiet, punctuated by the occasional call of a seagull. We ate crepe-cakes and chatted.

Origins of Virtualism: An Interview with Frank Popper Conducted by Joseph Nechvatal


This is the entire unedited interview that appeared in the Spring 2004 issue of the CAA Art Journal pp. 62 — 77 (images by Josph Scheer, Matthias Groebel, Michael Rees and Victoria Vesna).

The interview was begun June 17th, 2003 Paris and concluded July 28th, 2003 Paris.

PIX: TT World HQ


Inside The Thing World Headquarters and up on the roof:

TT World Headquarters


ANNOUNCEMENTS: May 28 & 29, 2005


Alan Sonfist "Time Landscape (1965-1978-Present)"
Discussion, book signing and reception
The Human/Nature series is pleased to announce the second event in its landmark series in honor of the 40th anniversary of Alan Sonfist's Time Landscape

Wednesday, June 1, 7:00-8:30 pm
The Gabarron Foundation -- Carriage House Center for the Arts
149 East 38th Street (btw Lex and 3rd Aves), New York City

SWARM the Minutemen - May 27th to May 29th (2005)


SWARM the Minutemen - May 27th to May 29th (2005)

We invite people from all over the world who oppose racist violence to join the Electronic Disturbance Theatre action on May 27th, 28th and 29th, 2005 to engage in a virtual sit-in on the MinuteMen website during their "Unite to Fight" Summit.

See our sites for more info:

Theatre and Its Double


As I continue doing Art Dirt Redux I realize how different and advanced the series is. All art works bring realizations. As a working artist part of the work is to focus on the process and through that focus understand what you are doing. It’s odd because art making, the creative process is by its nature partially unconscious. That’s why it is different from say, computer programming or a manufacturing procedure. With any procedural process one expects a specific outcome. There are no surprises and no realizations. With art it's different. You engage in the process to be surprised by the outcome. Art Dirt Redux is sound art. It’s influences are Musique Concrete and early conceptual art documentation works such as Robert Morris’ piece, Sculpture With The Sound Of Its Own Making.

Fuel for a creative nation - BBC Open Access


Fuel for a creative nation

The Creative Archive is a BBC led initiative to provide access to public service audio and video archives in a way that allows the British public to find, share, watch, listen and re-use the archive as a fuel for their own creative endeavours. In other words, you can rip, mix and share the BBC.


The Creative Archive is a product of this exciting era of digital media and the internet. It's possible because of innovations in technology and content licensing, along with editorial vision. However, it remains a challenging and complex project with many unknowns. To help us understand the best way to deliver the Creative Archive, we have decided to start with a pilot project.

BitTorrent Search


BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen is about to launch an advertising-supported search engine dedicated to indexing the thousands of files available over his protocol. Copyright lawyers are ready to pounce:

But in the end, the content industries may find the BitTorrent search engine too useful to mess with. "The copyright owners can now identify the most-trafficked materials that are infringing their copyrights and go after them in a more efficient way," says Lemley. "It's kind of ironic."



Slub will do a live-coding performance at Curating, Immateriality, Systems: A conference on curating digital media. Tate Modern, London, 4 June 2005

ANNOUNCEMENTS: May 21 & 22, 2005


DailyGotham is open for blogging

A new community blog for progressive New Yorkers:


September 28 - October 1, Banff New Media Institute, Canada