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Podshow Test Run


Adam Curry does a test run of his new Podshow on Sirius radio.


A lecture by Dr. Judith Rodenbeck and Trebor Scholz


"I know new media art when I see it."
The Art of Participation: Collaborative Mapping

Monday, May 16, 6:30pm
The Thing at Postmasters
459 West 19th Street
New York, NY 10011

A lecture by Dr. Judith Rodenbeck and Trebor Scholz

Museum curators often frame new media art in modernist terms that attempt to provide easy and familiar rules for institutional inclusion or exclusion. Yet while many emerging participatory mapping projects can be experienced at art festivals such as Transmediale, ISEA, and Ars Electronica, when it comes to more traditional art institutions their validity as art is often questioned. Emerging art needs new venues and old venues need a new definition of art.

Art Dirt Redux -- 3 Months Out


Art Dirt Redux – 3 Months Out
by GH Hovagimyan

I had been toying with the idea of a podcast when Robbin Murphy came back into New York to start upgrading The Thing’s web portal Rob & I and Adrianne Wortzel were doing Art Dirt in the 90’s out of Pseudo as a webcast. Rob & I thought it would be interesting to do an “on location” Art Dirt podcast. Thus the name Art Dirt Redux. The original Art Dirt was a round table talk show that began as one of the first audio webcasts and later was upgraded to streaming video. Pseudo’s head Josh Harris was a visionary and had the idea of setting up a media outlet using the internet that would compete with broadcast and cable TV. The programs on pseudo were structured like mass media programs with commercial breaks.

Jack Goldstein at Metro Pictures and Mitchell-Innes & Nash


The ghost of Jack Goldstein is haunting New York right now with films, records and paintings at Mitchell-Innes & Nash uptown and paintings from the early '80s at Metro Pictures in Chelsea. His suicide two years ago went practically unnoticed by a contemporary art world deep in debt to him (details: here).

ANNOUNCEMENTS: May 7 & 8, 2005


Second Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium

English Web Site
Chinese Web Site

China Millennium Museum, Digital Gallery
June 21, 2005 – July 11, 2005, BEIJING, CHINA

With the resounding success of the First Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium in May of 2004, 2005 sees another stellar gathering of the international new media art community in Beijing. Under the auspices of Millennium Dialogue, and hosted by Tsinghua University, China’s leading educational and research university, co-presented by ZKM, Center for Art and Media Technology of Germany and V2_ Institute for Unstable Media of the Netherlands, in collaboration with Ars Electronica Center of Austria, NOVAMEDIA of Australia, NTT InterCommunication Center of Japan, Canada’s Banff, Medi@austria from Austria and New York Institute of Technology of the United States, the Second Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium takes to the Chinese capital a highly charged new media art exhibition revolving on the central theme – IN THE LINE OF FLIGHT.

Share, Share Widely Conference in NYC


Just in case you forgot where you had to go this Friday:

Share, Share Widely
A Conference on New-Media Art Education

Friday, May 6th, 11am - 8pm

The Graduate Center
Elebash Recital Hall
City University of New York
365 Fifth Avenue (at 34th street)
New York City

May 6th, 9pm

The Thing
459 W. 19th St
(between 9th and 10th Ave)
New York, NY

Join us for an intensive one day conference about new media education. Connect with new media researchers and educators, present and discuss, and exchange syllabi or other public domain materials in a temporary gift economy zone. Bring your USB memory key and laptop.



1st Bachelors' Prize for Net-Literature


Literaturhaus Stuttgart: Call for submissions
1st Bachelors' Prize for Net-Literature

What characterizes net-literature? The fact that it has to do with
computers linked to the net and that it can't simply be transferred
one-to-one onto paper, of course. And so "net" is the most significant,
primary element of the compound.

So far what has not been at the center of focus is the actual writing
apparatus, the computer itself, the universal machine, and if one is to
believe Dieter Daniels, a bachelors' machine. Marcel Duchamp, inventor
of the "Machine Celibataire" defined it in the succinct and cogent
phrase "short-circuit on desire".

The 1st Bachelors' Prize for Net-Literature is aimed at making the
sterile bachelors' machine fertile and is calling for entries in a
productive net-literature competition. In accordance with the nature of
the venture, participation is restricted to men.

Contributions must be submitted by September 30, 2005 via the competition website

Media Art Net 2: Key Topics


Media Art Net 2: Key Topics
Rudolf Frieling and Dieter Daniels (eds.), commissioned by Goethe-Institut and ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Springer Wien/New York 2005, Text: German/English, 320 pages, hard cover.

A hybrid book and web project in German and English. All the printed text plus images and extended project descriptions are available on the web site:

Key topics include: Sound and Image, Cyborg Bodies, Photo/Byte, Generative Tools, Art and Cinematography, Mapping and Text and Public Sphere_s with texts from Inke Arns, Josephine Bosma, Dieter Daniels, Steve Dietz, Rudolf Frieling, Susanne Holschbach, Tjark Ihmels/Julia Riedel, Verena Kuni, Gregor Stemmrich and Yvonne Volkart.