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Occupy Wall Street, What Do They Want?

For the past week, Occupy Wall Street has been the focus of much media coverage, and community concern in New York City. Many people, myself included, have asked "Just what is it they want?" I received this unattributed missive, from a friend who knew I was looking for more specific information on OWS's goals, and post it here as a subject for consideration. This is not an "Official Document".

Occupied Wall Street Journal, first issue, October 1, 2011

from Capital New York:

Amid all the complaints that there's an Occupy Wall Street media blackout, some protest-sympathizers have taken matters into their own hands.

Tomorrow, the rolling protest in the Financial District will have the first edition of its own broadsheet newspaper (and it's not, as previously reported, made by media pranksters The Yes Men, who make headlines punking major news outlets like the BBC).

The debut issue of The Occupy Wall Street Journal will hit the streets of New York on Saturday afternoon, one of its editors, Arun Gupta, told Capital. The maiden edition will be a four-page, 17-by 22-inch broadsheet with a print run of 75,000; 10,000 copies will be passed out at a rally at Liberty Plaza Saturday afternoon, and the rest will be distributed by hand at transit hubs and other well-trafficked public places around the five boroughs.

Mace attacks are termed "appropriate" by NYPD spokesman.

Another splendid street performance by "New York's Finest":

Mace attacks are termed "appropriate" by NYPD spokesman Browne:


Structures to be built and serviced in
the Arabian/Persian Gulf, for renewable
hydrocarbons instead of fossil ones.
(picture: peter fend installation sharjah biennial, 2007)


Lack of meaningful work caused Arab Spring, the unrest in southern Europe, the misery of a debt-saddled US.

Transborder Immigrant Tool poetry in L.A. - The Anarchy Show

Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0/b.a.n.g.lab read Transborder Immigrant Tool poetry in L.A. (6:25 in) but you should view all it when you can. Enjoy.

Concrete for Bodies

A sprawling exhibition now at Museo Reina Sofia (through October 3, 2011; then traveling), “Magnetized Space” looks at the work of the junior partner of the Brazilian Grupo Frente. Pape was a co-founder of that 1954 initiative with the better known Hélio Oiticica and Lygia Clark.

Copyright News: Unfair Use of "Road to Nowhere" in Political Campaign Prompts Settlement/Apology to David Byrne/Talking Heads

Richard Prince is not the only downtown New York artist who has been party to a recent copyright/intellectual property litigation. But unlike Prince - who was on the losing end of a decision (currently under appeal) regarding the fair use of photographs appropriated in his "Canal Zone" paintings - Talking Heads frontman David Byrne favorably settled a lawsuit in which he was the aggrieved party for the unlicensed use of the song "Road to Nowhere" in a political campaign.