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Tjorg Douglas Beer Observed by Arfus Greenwood


Tjorg Douglas Beer
Salonu Istambul/Observation Deck
Produzentengalerie Hamburg

While Tjorg Douglas Beer’s works previously collaged disparate iconography, confuting the viewer with abstracted associations of power versus the everyday, in the Salonu there is a distinct predominance of Islamic characters and militaristic residue. Of course, the artist might contend that as his studio was located in a Muslim region of Hamburg, Shemaghs and Hijabs (head scarves) are fashion and religion alike. And there is an interesting sensitivity in this; that in order for iconography to denude itself, to exist in its most malleable state, it must shift in context to cultural characteristics.

The YouTubing of Bruce Conner (1933 - 2008)

The great collage artist and accidental avant-garde father of found-footage, Bruce Conner died July 7th 2008. His legacy in Library of Congress and in collections among major art institution the world over. But long before he certainly had been immortalized on YouTube, and that of course bears an amusing double-irony. Some might interpret it as "giving back" others as "stealing from a thief".

“Colab Redux,” Refried Collectivity

summer exhibition at Brooke Alexander Gallery

Colab (officially Collaborative Projects, Inc., founded 1977) was one in a string of New York City artists’ groups that started most strongly in the 1960s. Artists’ groups have had an escalating impact on the conventional art world. Today a number have roughly equal status with prominent individuals.

[Note of disclosure: I was a member of Colab, and have published on the group’s activities.]

Holy Fire and the rise of New Media Gallery Art.

"The joy of the Postmodern, and as we go into the next period at the moment (name TBA), is that immaterial culture's association with the material (expand at will) is that the antagonism between the art market and the avant is diffused by allowing for localized discourse. Since the "ism" was destroyed, art atomized into very local threads of genre, into small groups, and even imploded to the individual.

Welcome to the Police State of New York


Counterterrorism teams like these city detectives armed with M-4 rifles will patrol the subways.Counterterrorism teams like these city detectives armed with M-4 rifles will patrol the subways.

New York Times
February 2, 2008
New Operation to Put Heavily Armed Officers in Subways


dead scene scrollworks

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glorious ninth new work:
invisibility phial, dead scene scrollworks #1 [sound on]

The politics of 'Facebook'

With friends like these ...
Facebook has 59 million users - and 2 million new ones join each week. But
you won't catch Tom Hodgkinson volunteering his personal information - not now that he knows the politics of the people behind the social networking

Tom Hodgkinson
The Guardian,

Notes for an Art School


A Conversation Between Boris Groys & Anton Vidokle
Art Beyond the Art Market

AV—Dear Boris, you recently mentioned to me that you left Russia in 1981, the same year that my family and I left. A couple of years before departing, I had started taking painting lessons at a private artist s studio in Moscow. There was a feeling of underground activity going on in this small class,in part because of its literally underground basement location, but also because of the style of painting we were taught—vaguely modernistic and slightly reminiscent of Cézanne. While this was more liberal than the methodologies of existing official art schools and academies, it was of course light years away from the advanced Conceptual art practices that started proliferating in the seventies and eighties in Moscow. Was there something like a school for this new type of work? Where did Moscow Conceptualists study?