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Tenured 'Hacktivists' from Wall Street Journal


Tenured 'Hacktivists'

from Wall Street Journal

Back in 1998, the New York Times carried a story on "hacktivism," which it defined as "computer hacking . . . as a means to a political end." Online vandals had broken into government computer systems in China, India, Indonesia, Serbia and Croatia, and inserted their own messages.

Postmasters@PULSE Miami: "And the Band Played On


Paul Brach is dead


Paul Brach, artist and educator, is dead.
Paul BrachPaul Brach
Paul Henry Brach, an important figure in the avant garde art world of the 50's and 60's, a distinguished lecturer and pioneering arts administrator died Friday the 16th at his home in East Hampton, New York. He was 83, the cause was prostate cancer.

TELECULTURE at PACE Digital Gallery

November 13 - December 14, 2007

Video based artwork by Chris Borkowski, Bethany Fancher, Gerald Förster, Taras Hrabowsky, Jennifer Jacobs, Eric Payson, Second Front, Mark Tribe, and [dNASAb]
Curated by Lee Wells

To view the exhibition goto:

Student Hunger Strike at Columbia started today

Why We Strike...

We are on hunger strike because we want change and because we believe
that change is worth sacrifice. We strike against a university that
seems not to care for the well-being of its students or of its
community. We strike because we feel the urgency of a student voice

IFC Hack

About a year ago I did a prankster piece called "IFC Hack"

No Borders Camp, November 2007, Calexico/Mexicali

No Border CampNo Border Camp
Welcome to a website for No Borders Camp 2007 - set to take place from November 5-11 on the US/Mexico borderline. THE TIME IS NOW - book a flight, hitch a ride, call your friends. The camp is less than a month away. If you have questions, click on the FAQ. To read an invitation, click here. We hope that this site answers your questions. If not, check our contacts page and e.mail us your question/concern. Along the left side of the page are regularly update links containing news and information. Along the right, you will find a schedule including the growing number of events set to take place the week of the camp. For a glimpse of the borderlands, check out the camp trailer below.

Hosted by bang.lab at CALIT2

In The Cold (Excerpts)

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Sunday, September 17, 2006
The first bad sign is at the intake center on 30th Street in Manhattan. It's in the old Psychiatric wing of Bellevue Hospital. Shades of Edie Sedgwick haunt the place! Time for my screen test Mr. Warhol?

Monday, September 18, 2006
Wards Island to
Central Park by way of
Walkway from Wards Island to Manhattan

video_dumbo, briefly revisited

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Here's a little --> photo story of what happened literally one block away from the "artist meeting" during the dumbo festival last month (of which I just learned thru this blog!)