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The Decline of Listservs

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It's been asked why Rhizome, and for that matter a lot of listservs for that matter, have dropped in the degree of content during the present decade. There are a few lists out there that still have a lot of content, traffic, but in general, Pall Thayer's observation that listserv traffic has dropped considerably, at first glance, appears to be true.

Eddo Stern opening at Postmasters

September 8 - October 13, 2007

Opening reception: Saturday September 8, 6-8 p-m

Postmasters is pleased to announce the exhibition of new works by EDDO STERN opening on September 8. This is the artist's second solo show with the gallery. It will be on view until October 13 with the reception scheduled for Saturday, September 8, between 6 and 8 pm.

Duchamp, A Biography by Calvin Tompkins

Duchamp, A Biography by Calvin Tompkins, published by Henry Holt and Company, New York, 1996Duchamp, A Biography by Calvin Tompkins, published by Henry Holt and Company, New York, 1996

"One Day We Will All Say The Same Thing"


A project by Adina Popescu in collaboration with PS1 Radio.
Production: Dominikus Müller & Jette Miller

This show was broadcasted June 8, 2007 on the PS1 Radio Boat in Venice at the opening of the Venice biennale.


Lala Rascic in Edinburgh and Perth

Lala Rascic - 'Sorry, Wrong Number', 2006

Lala Rascic is based between Edinburgh and Perth during Summer 2007, creating new process-based work as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival. The artist is creating artefacts and documentation which are presented via the ARC Projects web site, and evolving over the period of the residency for later exhibition in a gallery setting. Lala is keeping a journal of her residency in the form of a blog. You can read Lala's blog here.

The Oxford Flood of 2007, Three Sides to Every Story

Considering media, public and private space is pretty dull until it happens to you and the flooding in Oxford presented an opportunity to swim in the medieval intricacies of the usually mundane dialogue between being and nothingness. Hmm.

[nictoglobe] Summer Edition online


Amsterdam July 17 2006

As of todate the summer edition of nictoglobe is online.

Creative Resistance - New Media as Soft Arms
The following individuals and collectives have contributed to our call for

Review of The Parallax View by Slavoj Zizek

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The Parallax View
by Slavoj Zizek (MIT Press)
Reviewed by Frederic Jameson